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Chemical-feed Pump
Chemical-feed pumps are used for the feeding of sodium or calcium hypochlorite and sulfite solutions and are referred to as hypochlorinators. The basic components are similar to those of chlorinators. Construction materials vary to meet chemical handling needs. The pumps in our product range incorporate high efficiencies and generous corrosion allowances, which ensure trouble-free pumping and minimise operating costs. We offer pumps available in a wide range of materials and impeller variants to suit numerous applications within the process industry for chemicals, corrosive chemicals, light slurries,liquors, backwater, water, thin stock, etc. Our pumps feature allround chemical and light slurry pump usage. They can be used in almost all applications from cold water to the most corrosive environments. Many material combinations, from Cast iron to Titanium, make it possible to meet almost any demand.

Dosing Pump

Dosing pumps:
The pumps in our programme feature electric motor drive with precise mechanical diaphragm control. The universal pumps have a capacity from 0.3 to  2 x 4000 l/hr. Pressure up to 16 bar.

  Sludge pumps:
The submersible sludge pumps are designed for pumping liquids with a high sludge content. These are single casing pumps with vortex impellers and specially designed pump housings providing a large free passage through the pump. We offer sludge pumps with light weight and compact design. They are ideally suitable also for temporary installation in sewage networks and sewage treatment plants.

Centrifugal Pump
In most cases the use of centrifugal pumps is restricted to relatively diluted (less than 1% solids), trash-free sludge. Conventional centrifugal pumps are commonly applied for transport of return activated sludge because of the pump’s high volume and excellent efficiency. Centrifugal pumps are not recommended for pumping primary sludge, primary scum, or thickened sludge applications.

Wastewater Pump
The sewage pumps which we can offer are known for their reliable trouble free operation. They are made of heavy duty construction in cast iron and stainless steel for pumping everything from effluent to heavy sewage solids and sludge. You can obtain float switches, basins, alarms and other related accessories.