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Valve Control
Control valves are designed for the control of liquid flows in heating, and cooling systems. They are also suitable for various process industry applications.

Valve Gate

Gate valves are used for controlling the flow into and out of the loop. They are also used to provide double block-and-bleed protection in  areas where the loop is routinely opened while under pressure.

Valve Globe
Globe valves are used for applications requiring throttling and frequent operation. For example, globe valves or valves with a similar mechanism may be used as sampling valves, which are normally shut except when liquid samples are being taken.

Valve Butterfly
Butterfly valves are widely used in water treatment and effluent treatment plants as well as in many other industrial applications. We can offer you a variety of butterfly valves both with either gear or electrical actuator.

Valve Check
There is a variety of types and configurations. Not all features are necessary for your own application. All types allow for flow through in forward direction, and no flow (check) reverse. However closing characteristics, flow area, head loss and cost vary greatly from type to type. First consider these factors  -  then select the check valve best suited for your application.